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Since 1941, The Underwriters Group has dedicated itself to providing excess coverage to self-insured clients. Our experienced staff will focus solely on your self-insured workers' compensation needs. You can rest assured you will have the benefit of specialized senior level members working on your business. We pride ourselves on developing competitive solutions for your particular needs. We will provide you access to a wide variety of excess carriers, working with you closely as a business partner and advisor.

In the placement of your excess coverage, our mission is to provide your company with a quality and comprehensive program at the lowest possible premium. We accomplish this mission by:

  • With our unique ability to access major providers of excess workers' compensation coverage. We understand one size does not fit all. Your exposures, loss experience, coverage needs (Specific only coverage, or Specific and Aggregate coverage) and applicable jurisdictions all play a part in securing the most appropriate carrier for your program.
  • Understanding your specific needs with our risk management assistance to identify problem exposures or areas in your operations that may create unique situations when retaining significant risk.
  • Working with you and your State Regulator(s) to simplify and streamline annual compliance and reporting requirements. This can be a daunting task, but not with our help. We currently assist our client's country wide in this process.
  • Dealing with your Third Party Claims Administrator to ensure proper claims reporting as specified by the excess contract. Our goal is to avoid having the carrier apply late reporting penalties, or even totally denying the claim.
  • Assisting you with Loss Control, Claim Audits, Actuarial reports, and other services associated with a well-rounded excess program.

Excess Insurance Coverage Overview:

Excess Insurance coverage is needed for either catastrophic or an abnormally large number of claims in any given contract period. Below is a quick overview of the types of coverages available.

Specific Coverage – This is basically severity coverage. A single bad accident can often result in a claim much larger than you are, for risk management purposes, prepared to pay. With Specific Coverage, you can set a "specific" retention (SIR) above which the excess policy will reimburse you up to your policy limit.

Aggregate Coverage – This is frequency coverage. With "aggregate" coverage, you can cap the losses you are responsible for during a given policy period. Once your losses have exceeded a predetermined Loss Fund, the contract will reimburse you up to the policy limit.

Specific and Aggregate Coverage – Combining the above two coverages under one contract provides both severity and frequency coverage.

What Customers Say

  • My experience with The Underwriters Group has been nothing short of phenomenal! They are truly an indispensable partner in our success.

  • The team at Underwriters help us facilitate all our commercial insurance, employee benefits  and our group health seamlessly. Having them on board makes it easy!

  • Knowing I have the proper coverage in place with The Underwriters Group gives me peace of mind. They have been there for me as my business has grown and evolved.