Preventing Loss before it happens.


The least expensive workers' compensation claim is the one that never occurs, and the best defense is a good offense. With this in mind, Underwriters Safety & Claims (US&C) goes to great lengths to help our clients be preemptive in creating a safe workplace.

Our staff of loss control specialists assists employers in a number of ways. All of which are designed to eliminate injury before it happens. This includes:

  • Recognition of potential hazards through on-site inspection.
  • Programs that help supervisory staff members to recognize and train employees in ways to eliminate potential injury-causing accidents.
  • A video reference library that shows how new processes and safer procedures can be developed for over 100 job functions.
  • Assistance in developing your own safety procedures and manual by providing a template and demonstrating how you can be successfully involved in the process.

The true costs involved with this type of claim can often be hidden. While workers' compensation reimburses the injured employee, the employer incurs a number of expenses, such as the costs associated with hiring and training a substitute employee. This is assuming the vacancy can be filled in today's competitive job market. If a suitable replacement is not found, the employer might have to pay overtime to remaining employees for their increased workload.

Safety is not something that should be taken lightly. It does not happen on its own. It is an established, disciplined, and learned process. US&C can help you learn this process and implement best practices in order to have more of those "least expensive claims".

What Customers Say

  • My experience with The Underwriters Group has been nothing short of phenomenal! They are truly an indispensable partner in our success.

  • The team at Underwriters help us facilitate all our commercial insurance, employee benefits  and our group health seamlessly. Having them on board makes it easy!

  • Knowing I have the proper coverage in place with The Underwriters Group gives me peace of mind. They have been there for me as my business has grown and evolved.